T-Squared: Tutoring & Translating

Professional Tutoring & Translating Services

Helping Clients Reach their Goals

Whether you are a large company needing specific employee training, translation of documents, brochures, instruction manuals and even legal documents or whether you are a struggling student looking to get additional help to raise that grade, or even just someone who wants to get a refresher course to effectively practice their French conversational skills before a trip abroad, I can help!

Tutoring Services
I provide private tutoring services in a wide range of areas (please see Services tab for a detailed list). Having over 14 years of experience tutoring kids as young as 2 all the way up to senior citizens, I am able to provide the best, most successful format of tutoring adapted to each individual's needs and learning styles.

    Flexible and Customized to your Needs 
    Curriculums and lesson plans are custom-made to fit your needs and preferences. Guaranteed satisfaction and progression. Adapted from one on one lessons to small group classes, beginners to advanced students.

Translating Services
As the world becomes more and more international, there is a greater need for translating services. For most companies, it makes more sense to hire a part-time consultant than to internalize the process. With the expertise I have in translating you get the best quality, without having to pay the high fees of large translating firms, and you get personalized customer service.

One on one custom approach. Guaranteed Improvement!


Children that learn a second language are statistically more likely to succeed in life, in all areas, not just languages. Even as an adult though, it's never too late to learn, or brush up on rust

Increase your business by going international and tapping into a whole new market. Ensure quality, efficiency and flexibility with a specialized consultant ready to meet your needs.



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